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Killington 2/8


Well-known member
Jan 13, 2013
A minute from the Alta exit off the I-15!
Time Skied: 11-4
PM: anywhere between 20s at Bear and low teens at the top of the Canyon. Sunny.
Conditions: PP/Machine groomed

Late 11am start. Did my usual circle around the aisles at Kmart. Canyon/Glades, South Ridge to Bear, work my way around Skye, Snowdon, Ramshead. Big Dipper Glade had excellent coverage. Can't say that for the rest of the mountain's glades. Saw a guy slide all the way down Double Dipper. Scary stuff. Moved over to Bear down The Jug and Breakaway in South Ridge. They were well covered despite their southern exposure. Outer Limits had a surprisingly hard surface despite being blanketed by sun. Over in the needle's eye area I did The Stairs and Stitchline. That's one hellova fun trail. I love a nice technical natural mogul trail with plenty of dips, drops, cliffs, and rocks. My ski's would disagree :). Poached The Stairs. It was very good with decent coverage. Superstar lived up to its Sh!tshow nickname. Too much ice and too many people. Skipped Snowdon and went to Ramshead for Squeeze Play to satisfy my love for rushing through low-angle trees.

Crowds were a little more than I'm used to, however I was expecting this with the foot of snow that fell.

Natural trail lovers: Better get them now. Rock skis definitely required. If we can get a few inches tomorrow night the nats will hang on till Thursdays possible storm. Glades aren't looking much better.

Scored this beautiful shot riding up the Canyon Quad. This was taken with my GoPro's still image camera.

Hard-pack hell on OL.