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Le Tour de France

Charlie Schuessler

New member
Nov 7, 2002
Mont Vernon NH
Velonews.com is reporting the Final Overall Standings listed below concluding the 2005 Le Tour de France. As reasonably expected, American Lance Armstrong of the Discovery Channel Bicycle Team won the General Classification…amazingly while winning only one individual stage & one team stage…Germany’s T-Mobile won the Team Classification with Discovery Channel in 2nd place…

Other American riders did exceptional as well with Levi Leipheimer & Floyd Landis finishing in the top ten, and George Hincapie a career best 14th including the winning the toughest stage of the competition…Bobby Julich finished 17th…Tour Rookie Chris Horner riding mostly a support role finished a remarkable 33rd…veteran Fred Rodriguez (multiple USA National Bicycling Champion) supported his team by leading Robbie McEwen to two stage wins and a third overall in the Sprinter’s Points category… the same can be said for Tour Rookie Guido Trenti leading Tom Boonen (before Boonen’s departure while leading the Sprinter’s Points due to injuries) to two stage wins as well…

In the International Elite Bicycling Race Forum, there are three 21-Stage Races, Giro de’ Italia, Le Tour de France and the Vuelta a España (Tour of Spain)…so far this season USA Team Discovery Channel Bicycle Team has won the first two (Paolo Savoldelli in the Giro de’ Italia, and Lance Armstrong, Le Tour de France)…can Team Discovery Channel run the table and win big in Spain?

Listed below is the final statistics of the 2005 Le Tour De France with the top riders in classification including the top three GC riders in all classes, and the finish placements of USA and Discovery Channel riders.

1. Lance Armstrong (USA), Discovery Channel
2. Ivan Basso (I), CSC, 04:40
3. Jan Ullrich (G), T-Mobile, 06:21
4. Francisco Mancebo (Sp), Illes Balears, 09:59
5. Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz), T-Mobile, 11:01
6. Levi Leipheimer (USA), Gerolsteiner, 11:21
7. Mickael Rasmussen (Dk), Rabobank, 11:33
8. Cadel Evans (Aus), Davitamon-Lotto, 11:55
9. Floyd Landis (USA), Phonak, 12:44
10. Oscar Pereiro Sio (Sp), Phonak, 16:04
11. Christophe Moreau (F), Credit Agricole, 16:26
12. Yaroslav Popovych (Ukr), Discovery Channel, 19:02
14. George Hincapie (USA), Discovery Channel, 23:40
17. Bobby Julich (USA), CSC, 24:08
25. Paolo Savoldelli (I), Discovery Channel, 44:30
30. José Azevedo (P), Discovery Channel, 59:48
33. Christopher Horner (USA), Saunier Duval, 1:07:57
35. José Luis Rubiera (Sp), Discovery Channel, 1:11:48
95. Pavel Padrnos (Cz), Discovery Channel, 2:49:53
107. Benjamin Noval Gonzalez (Sp), Discovery Channel, 3:00:59
132. Fred Rodriguez (USA), Davitamon-Lotto, 3:37:58
139. Guido Trenti (USA), Quickstep, 3:46:24

Overall Points - Sprinters
1. Thor Hushovd (Nor), Credit Agricole, 194 Pts.
2. Stuart O'Grady (Aus), Cofidis, 182 Pts.
3. Robbie Mc Ewen (Aus), Davitamon-Lotto, 178 Pts.
4. Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz), T-Mobile, 158 Pts.
5. Allan Davis (Aus), Liberty Seguros, 130 Pts.
6. Oscar Pereiro Sio (Sp), Phonak, 118 Pts.
7. Robert Förster (G), Gerolsteiner, 101 Pts.
8. Lance Armstrong (USA), Discovery Channel, 93 Pts.
9. Baden Cooke (Aus), Francaise des Jeux, 91 Pts.
10. Bernhard Eisel (A), Francaise des Jeux, 88 Pts.
16. Jan Ullrich (G), T-Mobile, 77 Pts.
21. Fred Rodriguez (USA), Davitamon-Lotto, 64 Pts.
24. Guido Trenti (USA), Quickstep, 58 Pts.
26. Levi Leipheimer (USA), Gerolsteiner, 55 Pts.
27. Ivan Basso (I), CSC, 54 Pts.
31. George Hincapie (USA), Discovery Channel, 46 Pts.
32. Christopher Horner (USA), Saunier Duval, 46 Pts.
43. Paolo Savoldelli (I), Discovery Channel, 35 Pts.
52. Bobby Julich (USA), CSC, 31 Pts.
59. Floyd Landis (USA), Phonak, 26 Pts.
81. José Azevedo (P), Discovery Channel, 17 Pts.
85. José Luis Rubiera (Sp), Discovery Channel, 13 Pts.
90. Yaroslav Popovych (Ukr), Discovery Channel, 12 Pts.
123. Pavel Padrnos (Cz), Discovery Channel, 5 Pts.

Overall King-Of-Mountains
1. Mickael Rasmussen (Dk), Rabobank, 185 Pts.
2. Oscar Pereiro Sio (Sp), Phonak, 155 Pts.
3. Lance Armstrong (USA), Discovery Channel, 99 Pts.
4. Christophe Moreau (F), Credit Agricole, 93 Pts.
5. Michael Boogerd (Nl), Rabobank, 90 Pts.
6. Santiago Botero (Col), Phonak, 88 Pts.
7. Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz), T-Mobile, 75 Pts.
8. Laurent Brochard (F), Bouygues Telecom, 75 Pts.
9. George Hincapie (USA), Discovery Channel, 74 Pts.
10. Pietro Caucchioli (I), Credit Agricole, 73 Pts.
11. Ivan Basso (I), CSC, 65 Pts.
13. Jan Ullrich (G), T-Mobile, 58 Pts.
22. Levi Leipheimer (USA), Gerolsteiner, 36 Pts.
25. José Azevedo (P), Discovery Channel, 30 Pts.
26. Paolo Savoldelli (I), Discovery Channel, 29 Pts.
29. Floyd Landis (USA), Phonak, 28 Pts.
45. Yaroslav Popovych (Ukr), Discovery Channel, 16 Pts.
48. Bobby Julich (USA), CSC, 14 Pts.
50. José Luis Rubiera (Sp), Discovery Channel, 14 Pts.
59. Christopher Horner (USA), Saunier Duval, 10 Pts.
89. Fred Rodriguez (USA), Davitamon-Lotto, 1 Pts.

Best Young Rider - Final
1. Yaroslav Popovych (Ukr), Discovery Channel, 86h 34' 04"

Overall Team - Final
1. T-Mobile Team, 256h 10' 29"
2. Discovery Channel Team, 14:57
3. Team CSC, 25:15
4. Credit Agricole, 55:24
5. Illes Balears-Caisse D Epargne, 1:06:09
6. Phonak Hearing Systems, 1:09:20
7. Liberty Seguros - WÃœrth Team, 1:47:56
8. Rabobank, 2:26:30
9. Saunier Duval - Prodir, 2:48:58
10. Ag2r Prevoyance, 2:52:04
11. Gerolsteiner, 3:05:20
12. Bouygues Telecom, 3:13:31
13. Francaise Des Jeux, 3:32:15
14. Davitamon - Lotto, 3:37:45
15. Euskaltel - Euskadi, 3:41:05
16. Domina Vacanze, 4:20:38
17. Lampre - Caffita, 4:33:06
18. Liquigas - Bianchi, 4:50:57
19. Cofidis Credit Par Telephone, 5:03:04
20. Fassa Bortolo, 6:13:26
21. Quick Step - Innergetic, 6:36:48

Most aggressive Rider of the 2005 Tour de France
(Voted by a panel of former Tour winners)
Oscar Pereiro Sio (Sp), Phonak

Lastly, Armstrong has ridden with the "Maillot Jaune" (Yellow Leader's Jersey) 17-days this Tour, totaling a career 83-days, second to Eddy Merckx with 111-days and just ahead of Bernard Hinault at 79-days…both those riders won the Tour 5-Times each…

Next year, things will be different...