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Staff member
Oct 29, 2004
Hopewell Jct., NY
David and I shared a few beers after our great day yesterday. David (who has become a real expert skier and who I can trust to lead our group) complimented James on his skiing and gave him a little beer in a glass. I thought he would explode with pride. David has become a man and seeing how James looks up to him I think he will be a good father too.

Anyway, we all woke up a little sore and unmotivated today. The weather didn't help; cloudy with snow moving in from the west and very cold. But it was our last day and we wanted to ski. So we headed out at 8:45 to catch the first gondola at 9am. The corn fest was over...everything was frozen solid. Since we had about 2 1/2 hours to ski we pounded groomers and skied as many as we could. There are a lot of long 2000' vertical groomers here and skiing them as fast as we could was perfect. We quit at 11:30, packed up, and hit the road.

I only have one pic from today dedicated to our Mt. Snow brothers and sisters. Who needs gold bubbles, at MSA we have gold gondolas!


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