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Nassahegan - RAW 2009/06/08


Active member
Jun 15, 2007
Another great ride tonight up on the trails of Nassahegan. Met up with Trev around six and also three others from my usual riding group. The parking area was surprisingly empty for such a nice afternoon.

Anyway wheels where on the ground at around 6:20. We started with a Jug a Lug>Scovill Twisties>Truck Trail>Brian's Trail and back to Scovill Road then headed out the Cemetery Twisties onto the fire road down across the bridge and up the hike a bike into Sessions Woods and finished with another try at Brian's Rock and then the downhill back to the cars.

Covered 7.6 miles in around an hour and forty minutes with around 1500 feet of climbing. This was a good group to ride with as there where not lot of stops and a nice consistent pace to the ride.

Nice to meet you Trev and as a first year rider myself I'm definitely impressed with your skills. :beer:

Here's the tracks




New member
Jun 1, 2009
Tonight was an excellent run, not only were the conditions great I think the group was great as well. An excellent mix of riders.

Personally, I felt very strong tonight as compared to yesterday. I thought I was going to tire out quick being that I rode yesterday, though that really didn't happen at all.

Sticking with the middle ring as much as I can is starting to help out. I still drop down to small ring, but I continue to try and step up to the middle. I am finding/learning the reason too.. it feels easier to go low.. but staying at a position that pedaling allows you some torque and more land for your pedal.. is well worth it.

Another factor I think, well at least from my point of view, is my personal stamina. It is getting a bit better... allowing me more stand time on the bike... and with standing comes a bit more pedaling power if/when you need it.

I can say for the first month of biking.. I sat... a lot. Tired easy.. and lost my wind quick.. it is improving.. giving me the strength to get up some of those shorter hills with middle ring..etc..

Anyhow, don't sell yourself short! You stuck with us the whole ride and it was a pretty good run.. not exactly all that short :)

Make some goals.. and go for em..

Thanks for the run.. great time.. excellent workout.. I still feel great from it!


Staff member
Jul 1, 2001
Nice route. Been meaning to ask, what is "tuh"?