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New Non-Profit Looks to Create Hut-to-Hut BC System in VT


Active member
Nov 7, 2012
CS, Colorado

Mountain regions in the Western United States, Canada, and Europe are no strangers to the concept of backcountry hut-to-hut trail systems. Here in Vermont though, it’s a concept that’s oddly missing from ski culture, despite our pride in being a hard-charging backcountry ski destination. With any luck, that’s all about to change as a new group called the Vermont Huts Association has recently formed with a vision of creating an official hut-to-hut system in Vermont. Initially, their focus will be on uniting all of the existing huts and yurts across Vermont that are currently owned and managed by a multitude of people and organizations. Once some cohesion is brought to the current situation, the group will tun look to create new huts and yurts in key locations to help expand and connect the trail network. Another piece of the puzzle that the group will keep in consideration are all of the new backcountry zones that local communities are creating, such as the Rochester Area Sports Trail Alliance (RASTA) which is building backcountry zones in Rochester, VT. It’s still pretty early in the process, but the prospect of having a legitimate hut-to-hut system here in Vermont definitely excites us.

Jan 25, 2015
In Maine we have two. Maine Huts and Trails and AMC Huts which I have used. The AMC huts are mostly private cabins, but there is a shared hut at each site. Very nice place to go, but not inexpensive. Looked at Maine Huts, but thought it was pricey for bunk sleeping.