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RAMP skis


Staff member
Oct 29, 2004
Hopewell Jct., NY
I saw a thread Puck It started about a good customer service experince with Giro helmets; in that spirit I want to report an excellent service experience with RAMP skis.

I put about 65 days on a pair of RAMP Woodpeckers I bought last season. I love the way these ski for me and I still do but there was an issue with the tails of mine. The edges of these skis are one piece that wraps around the entire ski and terminates in a weld at the tail. Whether it was from hard use or maybe me banging the tails into the snow occasionally that weld broke and the edge was starting to separate from the ski.

After an email or two to the company and a few pictures of the tops and bottoms of both skis and a scan of my sales receipt I got a new pair of Woodpeckers yesterday. I am also happy to report that the tail of the new model has been modified as has the way the edges are seated in the ski.

I remember a time about 25 years ago when you could get new skis in this manner under warranty but most ski companies don't allow for that anymore. It is really nice to see RAMP stand behind their skis like this and to also see them recognize issues and engineer them out of the ski as much as possible.