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Recommend me a new pair of skis

Groovy Adventures

New member
Jan 17, 2018
Im currently heading up the hill at stowe in a gondola. Skied the Experience88. No speed limit. Very stable but chattery over crud when skied very fast and very hard. Also i couldnt get the tails to come around on the E88 like i could on the skied ithe MX84. I cut into te trees and didnt like it in soft snow. But overall, a confident ski. I just skied a Kastle FX95hp. Confident and damp. Better over crud than the rossi but not as fast. There was a smeary feeling but only a little bit. Overall i liked the mx84 the most and the E88 as a runner up. Will a Kastle mx l89 be that much different than the mx84?