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Saddleback 2/1/2014


Active member
Nov 7, 2012
CS, Colorado

Conditions: MM perfection - seriously - HP with groomed PP but really good!

Trip Report:

This will go down as one of my best days - not so much for me but because of what my wife was willing to ski! We got there Friday night and partied it up with the Ride and Ski crew. It was a very long ride seemingly but once we were there the excitement set in. We were anxious to get out there with warmer temps (20s) on Saturday which was going to be a stark contrast to the below zero temps of last year at this time.

We got our gear on and were out for first tracks from our slope side digs. We automatically went up the Rangley Double (painfully slow) and headed over to Kennebago Quad on Green Weaver which had great coverage. We found out that not much was open on the Steeps so we did a run down Tri Color and Green Weaver, then America down to Silver Doctor. Both of these trails were in great shape and we had some of the best skiing in almost a month. Silver Doctor has a little steepness to it and skied fast. The trail is fairly wide and I just let my edges do the work and made large sweeping turns on railroad tracks! We ended up taking a couple more runs on Grey Ghost and Red Devil which also had very nice corduroy!

It was now Bloody Caesar time! Everyone regrouped and headed back to condo for a couple drinks and some snackage. It was like a mini party trading stories of the runs we had and what was next on the agenda. I was interested in doing something on the Steeps so we headed back out with our son and his friend. They wanted to show us a few tricks in the park and I traded that for a run on Tight Line.

We skied with our kids through the park and then headed up the darn Rangley double and next up the Quad working our way over to Tight Line. I was actually surprised that my wife was even there. My sons face was priceless - he looked down it and said, "I can't do that!" My wife said well then you will have to walk back up the trail to get to an easier way down. My son then told him to do what he does and he dropped in and took off (was fun to watch). His friend went next and slid sideways doing a snowboard version of a snowplow. My wife and I yelled "CARVE"! My wife went for it and did really well. It was super fun! We ran into some friends who saw us come down and they asked if we would like to take another run and my wife jumped into the discussion and said "Sure"! I was shocked. (I was also secretly digging it!) It is not that the run is hard but for someone who shies away from steep stuff well that is a break through. After that run, we decided to cut over on NW Pass from Tri Color and went down Family Secret (once again - my wife was right there with us!) That ended up being a one and done for us because of thin cover, the debris and exposed rock in some spots but I was excited about my wife (in case you have not noticed). It was time for lunch and chilli dogs were on the menu! More stories ensued!

The afternoon was spent lapping Tight Line a few more times as well as Tri Color and Green Weaver - anything to stay off Rangely Double. We did end up skiing, Grey Ghost, Royal Coachman (my wife hates skiing under a lift), and Silver Doctor (off the T-Bar) before closing it up and heading over to the Ride and Ski Apres Ski Party 4-7. The fun did not stop there because there was a lot of night left and adult beverages to enjoy! It was snowing so there was excitement about what the next day might bring! (besides Payton getting his butt whooped)

Around 11:30, we were watching the snow cats grooming trials and they made a pass on the trails next to our condo - it was snowing! My wife then calls for a midnight run which I entertained (no one else though). We put our gear on, got outside and skied down Wheeler to the lodge and around the corner to the parking lot. It was fairly flat but fun either way! We then hiked our butts but the road to our condo and then called it a night. That will be in another trip report!

It was a fun RSNE day!

Top of Tight Line
photo 3-3.JPG

My wife and friends getting ready to drop in (wife in Orange)
photo 4-4.JPG

Family Secret
photo 1-1.jpg

Looking straight out at the top of Tight Line
photo 5.JPG

Ride and Ski Party