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Ski Discounts for Families?


New member
Aug 20, 2017
My kids (turning 7 and turning 4) are now at the point where we'd like to take them skiing more often.

In years past, we've signed them up for lessons at Nashoba Valley (5 minutes away) and either worked with them (on the bunny slopes) or skied with them after the lessons (my daughters lessons last year included an adult lift ticket). I'm trying to locate any deals for family skiing. Any ideas of deals/policies that work for a family with younger kids?

What I've found so far:
Nashoba Valley Sunday Evening Season Pass: $170
Watchusett Bronze Pass (7 nights, 5 days, blackouts apply): $279
Crotched Mountain: Free for the 4yo, can actually get the Peak Pass for $60 for the 7yo if we buy before her birthday (it's the age at time of purchase)

The reality is that we're unlikely to go more than 6-8 times in the season, so are there any other discounts that people would recommend for a family? We're not looking to do any overnight trips, so something within a decent drive from Westford, MA (495, north of Boston).