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Skier death at Shawnee Pa.


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Aug 16, 2006
Poughkeepsie, NY
It can happen in an instant! I witnessed yesterday at a certain mountain beloved here on AZ, located in Southern VT, with a great set of flagpoles, atleast 1 working chairlift most of the time, and new and improved now fully heated bathrooms, a young racer from a BIG Southern VT mtn that often is known for grooming everything FLAT, fall and slide off the side of the race course and go head first into what looked to be a 2x4 sized piece of wood that a fan gun electrical outlet box was mounted on and break the piece of wood!! :eek:

Fortunately from what we as parents via coaches were informed, this racer ended up with only a broken nose, likely a concussion and some bumps and bruises!

We often forget how little at times the "margin for error" is and how quickly, even in seemingly non "extreme" terrain that serious injuries can happen

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I am not laughing at the kid in any way.....

Wow that post was awesome! Love the descriptions of the mountains! Have no idea who they could be describing.

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