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Tumbledown and Little Jackson 9-29-13


New member
Nov 12, 2010
Dover Foxcroft ME
After years of seeing photos and hearing about how nice Tumbledown is, I finally made the trip. This was the last major hiking area in ME that I haven't been to and boy was I missing out. The Tumbledown peaks and Little Jackson are stunning. Throw in a blue bird day and foliage, you can't go wrong.
A couple of notes.
The Loop Trail trailhead is easy too overlook. It is just before the pull off to park. We didn't find it immediately and another duo was having a hard time finding it.

At a point on the trail there is a jumble of paths and we took the wrong one. It lead to some class 4 scrambling and bushwacking but we easily found the trail after a short bit. These may be herd paths to a rock band to climb. There was litter in the area and even a fixed rope at one point.

It may be in the newest ME MTN Guide but there is a unofficial path to L Jackson near the pond outlet. There was even a sign pointing to that direction but no blazes. This trail is confusing at times with numerous wrong turn herd paths coming off of it and some overgrown sections. Eventually cairns and flagging are seen and higher is becomes more evident.

Little Jackson is stunning alpine peak with awesome views in all directions and worth the trip in addition to Tumbledown

It gets very crowded around pond area later in the day so go early to avoid this.

Dozens and pics and full report at my blog http://tomcatoutdoors.blogspot.com/2013/09/tumbledown-mountain-and-little-jackson.html