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Your 2021 / 2022 Ski Season Thread


Active member
Oct 16, 2012
Jersey City, NJ
downtown, in the modera lofts building, which is equal distance between exchange place and grove street, right on the edge of where things start to feel 'cool'. my office is at exchange place/harborside and i think it's very sterile over there. but down by grove st and van vorst park and hamilton park it seems very my speed and style being a long time brooklynite.

interested in specifics on the best routes out of there on friday afternoons, because i've def been a little concerned about sitting in that shitshow area where 1/9/78/tunnel all meet
Got it. Modera is a nice building and that area is blowing up. Cool vines right downstairs is a great liquor/beer/wine store. DomoDomo for sushi/hand rolls right there.

And Yes Hamilton Park, Van Vorst, Paulus Hook all have a very Brooklyn feel. I’m not very far just down Warren in Paulus Hook.

Depending on traffic best bet is often turnpike extension/78 to 95 up to 80 to 17. If it’s a super early morning drive I’ll often go tonnele to 3 to 17 which is probably the most direct. And even with those general directions there are a few different variations.

Feel free to DM with any Qs.