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    Quote Originally Posted by jrmagic View Post
    All it means is that we won't see you there until they get black going.
    Ya losing 3 hours of a ski day isnt fun. Especially when i have 2 kids under 2 and i can only get out maybe 5 times a year when i used to get out close to 20.

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    Fan guns focused on Tube Park tonight.

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    Sweet!I Lemme guess because you don't need red to go tubing.

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    Tubing lift hasn't been inspected either...

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    Quote Originally Posted by UYSDYP View Post
    Sweet!I Lemme guess because you don't need red to go tubing.
    While that is true, a real issue is the snowmaking window is < the time needed to cover Trick/Show Off given limitations of system, and lack of good day time temps today and tomorrow. Add in a warm weekend capped off with a sucker punch of a non-frozen storm and I might reconsider where I'm making snow and how much. Really shows how the pump/power issue last weekend really hurt. They're not getting any breaks (probably not helping themselves either if half of what's posted here is true). If they can get tubing open at least that will bring in some money and give the faithful something to do to work up a thirst for BLT.......

    Bright side is next week looks colder, longer, with several clippers possible and just maybe one will..........

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    honestly given the coming warm up... not sure blowing a bunch to have a chunk of it melt makes sense, but for the 'oh shit we should been open by now' factor.

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    And there it is:

    Despite our best efforts, we will not be opening this weekend. After a great start to the week for our snowmakers, temperatures are expected to rise above freezing the next four days and there is a high possibility of rain both Saturday and Sunday. Our snowmakers are still working every night and we will be open for MLK Weekend.
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    They just called it. No opening.

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    I previously booked the last weekend in January at the Upper Pass Lodge. Apparently that was a mistake. Oh well, I can drive elsewhere.

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