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    The stairs at Killington are super sketch having killed 18 people over the years as they lost footing and slid helplessly out of control into snow making pipery far below. This makes the KT-22 at hunter the only other ski area affiliated risk more dangerous since it’s named after the 22 people that have lost their life to its precarious icy pitches. I’d rope up and make sure your crampons are sharp. Use the buddy system and be prepared for the absolute worst. God speed my snow sliding friend.
    Don't forget about the avalanche that took out 7 people hiking up it in 2015, certainly the most dangerous spot at a ski resort on the east coast.

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    Just the thought of every form of elemental exposure one encounters on their Killington stairway epic is enough to make one shit their pants. No thanks for this guy. I'll be at the lodge drinking hot toddies with my feet up by the fireplace. That's all the adventure this safe soul cares to endure.

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    *K-27. Not the Kt-22.

    That’s 27 people killed on that infamous death slope.

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