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    Howdy everyone! Came for the hiking/backpacking section mainly but do dig a good conversation. From Connecticut and sleep all over new england.

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    Just joined yesterday.
    Been lurking for a short while.
    About me, retired, been skiing since childhood.
    Began on the flats of Ohio's snowbelt, skied every time I could where ever I was living.
    Except when I spent a few years in Florida
    Did a few years as a skibum in Mammoth.
    Now in New Hampshire.
    Hope to ski a lot this winter.

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    Hi guys!
    I'm new to this forum and hope to provide and get some good feedback for skiing/snowboarding!
    Became a fan when moved to NE, Boston area, so let's see what's coming!


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    Hi! New here. Been checking this forum out for a while now. Finally got around to registering!

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    Joined a few years ago, but never got to make a post! I've attended the AlpineZone Summit twice, and on my third this weekend. These are the only times I've ever been able to go skiing, but the lessons at Sugarloaf have been great, and I picked it up fairly quickly.

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    Hi I'm John I'm a new Hiker Just found this awesome Forum and found some great Threads already hope going to learn alot soon

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