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Crowds-Hunter or Camelback on a Saturday?


New member
Feb 23, 2012
Stamford, CT/Lake Placid, NY
Going to book an Ovrride trip to Hunter or Camelback on saturday. Hunter is a full day, and camelback is like a 12-8 deal. Which one is going to be less of a mob scene? (I know it's a saturday and they are both going to be crowded, just trying to figure out which one is less so). My gut is leaning towards hunter because of the west side HSQ keeping crowds down there and also people don't venture down there, but also wondering if the evening at camelback might be less crazy there. If I end up at hunter, what are good strategies for avoiding saturday crowds there?(never skied a saturday there thankfully). Same question for Camelback?

Thanks so much for your replies,