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Gunstock 1/25/13


Well-known member
Mar 25, 2004
Boston, MA
Took a day off this past Friday (1/25/13) and decided to check out Gunstock. I've never been there before and its proximity to Boston really called for a some exploration.

The day was great. No much wind, some veiled sunshine, great views of the lake and the mountains. I dressed properly for the cold, so no problems there. I started at noon and skied through to 4 PM. There were very few people and most of the time I had the trails essentially wide open and to myself, which made for some very fast cruising. It's just great to look down a slope and it's all empty.

Snow conditions: all man made, of course but in great shape. Very good cover on all opened slopes and with plenty of soft enough texture to lay some serious arcs. I even found some untouched streches of courduroy. All the natural snow trails were closed off. Looks like the do have some nice tree skiing terrain, but I hope to see that at a more snowy times.

I stayed mostly on the main lift that goes to the top (Panorama? - sorry, first time there), but did manage to ski most of what was there. I skipped the park since I'm just not into that. Closer to 4 PM, the school buses and various racing teams started arriving. The parking lot also gained a few more cars. Apparently, the night skiing scene over there is fairly active.
It was a very satisfying visit.