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Gunstock 12/31


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Nov 26, 2007
Seacoast NH
Headed up to Gunstock today with wife and son. Not a big Gunstock fan as I find nothing overly exciting about it, the definition of average ski mtn in my book. That said, I had a CHAD Warren Miller voucher and the day off and given the sub par conditions everywhere it didn't make sense to drive much further.

Got to hill just before 10 and we spent some time with our son on skis near the lodge...he really enjoyed it today as I had him between my legs and him on the lucky bums on a gentle slope. Every time out it gets a little better and more rewarding for us as parents.
Wife did her session first and I got on skis about noon. Lapped the Pan for about 4 runs. Upper Ramrod pretty bad, scraped off and sugar snow mix. Middle Trigger skiers left was tolerable before the intersection.

Upper Gunsmoke to Gunpowder was hardpack ice for the most part.
Switched to lap the Tiger for a few..skiers left of Redhat was prob section of the day. I find myself on Redhat more than any other trail at G the couple times/yr I visit.
Decent crowd in parking lot but ski on all lifts. Didnt ski Pistol chair.
Blowing snow all over the mtn. Limited terrain, poor conditions, lots of trail intersections that Gunstock is famous for and lot of beginners on rental gear made for not the best turns of the year.

That said, skiing was cheap, views of the big lake always tremendous, and it beat being in the office.
Quick lunch in the pistol pub with below average nachos completed the day.
Happy New Year all!


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