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How fast can a Dragonfly fly?

Not Sure

Well-known member
Dec 14, 2013
Lehigh County Pa.
Summer sucks but some cool things happen from time to time. I pulled up to a red light and stoped ,a really large black and blue dragonfly appeared almost on cue. He zipped back and forth close above my truck windsheild about 5 times as the light as if waiting for a drag race start . I pulled out slowly to see what he would do ...He drifts over right in front of my line of sight and hovers inches from my windsheild ....20 mph still there same spot . He slowly points his head down and tail up surfing the wind rising up my windsheild the faster I went the slower his wings moved 30mph still there. 40 mph his wings stopped and his body was parallel to my windsheild , he made a few little corrections but was almost motionless hanging in front of me. 45 and he was gone . The whole thing took less than a minute but will stick with me forever. I'm going back that way tomorrow ...
I hated summer one less day this year.