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Jay Peak - 8/16/08 (Pics)


Jan 10, 2007
Southern Coastal Maine
Date(s) Hiked: Jay Peak

Trails(s) Hiked: Long Trial from Route 242

Total Distance: 3.4

Difficulty: Moderate

Conditions: A bit of mud - but very good overall

Special Required Equipment: None

Trip Report: This is basically a rerun of Michael J's excellent TR from the previous weekend. The difference is we had more sun, less mud and didn't do the herd path to Big Jay.

We were visiting some relatives in the NEK, and decided to spend a half a day hiking Jay Peak. This is a very enjoyable hike. Outstanding views for only 1.7 miles of climbing. After doing Katahdin a couple of weeks ago, this one seemed like a piece of cake! The trial starts climbing through birch forests and is very pretty.

As Michael J said, the trial basically skirts some ski trials, and starts to break out of the treeline getting towards the top.

Then after crossing the final ski trial, there is a short steep scramble to ascend the final ridge to the top.

We thoroughly enjoyed clamoring around the summit and hoping we can get back here in the winter to ski! Jay looks awesome! We drooled over the glade chutes from the top and the variety of trials it seems to offer. Its 5 hours from home but we will have to figure out a way for an extended stay somehow. Here is a look down the Tuckerman's Chute. :daffy:

After eating lunch and enjoying the view, we started to head down and heard a rumble! That surprised us as this wasn't in the forecast. We immediately stopped.close to the top in case we needed to scramble back to the tram station. We ended up watching the storm go by and headed back down. It was about 10 miles away. Overall a great day!



New member
Mar 9, 2006
Jay Peak, VT
In fact, i was mountain biking down in Jay and heard the storm... Headed down to Stowe the next day... and apparently, they received an inch of rain within an hour... Morrisville didn't see any rain only minutes away!