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Jiminy Peak First Time Skiing Black Diamond


Staff member
Jul 1, 2001
I've been skiing for just over a year. I'm 21 and grew up in Vermont with several quality mountains within an hour drive of me. I come from a family of old skiers (haven't done it in 20+ years). They all grew up in Wyoming and their home mountain was Jackson Hole. They talked about the black diamonds there and some sounded very scary as a new skier. My step dad was a ski instructor at Stratton a long time ago so he has given me a couple lessons, but other than that I have been self-taught.

I ski mostly by myself now and I think just hearing the stories of the JH blacks created this large mental block that stopped me from attempting black diamonds.

I appreciate your positive response. A day or so after I posted this I actually went to Jay Peak and rode several black diamonds on the Jet Chair side. I felt very confident going down them and didn't struggle at all. Yesterday I went to Jiminy Peak and rode all of the open black diamonds and even went down Jericho, their double black diamond.

I really enjoy the sport and can't wait to develop my skills even more.

Thanks for the follow-up. And glad you're loving it!