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Left the office early! - Camelback - 2/7


Dec 16, 2013
Upper Bucks/Lehigh Valley, PA
Had early morning office hours this morning. Left the office by 10am. Not a single student came in anyway. Guaranteed that will change come exam time ;) Called out of lab yesterday and had my board already loaded in the car. Didn't feel like the drive to Hunter starting that late, so I opted for the Poconos for a quick session. Camelback reported 9 inches from the Tuesday storm and 6 inches over the weekend. I figured it'd be skiied off everywhere, but its been cold so nice packed powder and corduroy would do just fine. Arrived in the parking lot by 11:30 and snagged a spot in the upper lot by the lodge. Sullivan Express was closed, and instead everyone was using the adjacent Bailey double. Thankfully the crowds were light, so there wasn't much wait. Trails of the day had to be Asp and Hump, with honorable mentions for Rocket. Both of the former had nice packed powder and powder piles, and rocket had some fun powder bumps. I'm not much for moguls but even I had a good time on Rocket today. Marje's rode pretty well too. The west side definitely felt a little softer. I headed over to the Stevenson express to try the eastern side of the mountain and found it to be a little firmer. Cliffhanger wasn't bad... but it was covered in little shards of ice. They didn't really impede your way down, and made a cool "tinkling" sound when you carved, but you could definitely feel a bit more resistance when trying to carve. Pharaoh was softer and a more enjoyable ride. I took a look at their terrain park, which looks fun, although I didn't hit much. The snow was too nice to spend much time there. Managed to get a ride-on to the Marc Antony lift. Did another west-east circuit and then headed back to the car. Left by 3:30 as the crowds were beginning to build. Sullivan was spinning again, but I didn't wait around to see how long the lines were going to get. This weekend will probably be a circus given the conditions. All in all though, a fantastic day and definitely worth the use of a sick day.

Hopefully this weather holds long enough for me to make another Catskills trip.

Requisite cell phone pics. Bailey was so slow I was able to snap a bunch from the lift :)






Well-known member
Mar 14, 2008
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
Actually the weekend wasn't really too bad. Next weekend will be the zoo (hopefully for the last time this year). Saturday was busy but not really out of hand. We hosted a race this weekend so I spent some of the morning up on Cliffhanger installing B netting, but when I did ski (later in the day then I usually do) even the lines on the quads weren't too bad. Good times in the bar après ski too. Sunday didn't ski as much due to working the race, but the crowds were pretty light. Rocket was good Saturday, didn't hit it Sunday. Margies was conditioned Sat night and left ungroomed (looked like it had some bumps Sun PM but I didn't get to it). Lower Cleo was conditioned Sat night and the bumps were getting huge on Sunday with some deep troughs. Mountain is in good shape for the up coming holiday.


Lake Hopatccong, NJ


New member
Feb 25, 2012
The Jersey Shore
I might head up Thursday if it snows Wed night into Thursday. Some reports are saying wet, not white. :thumbdown: so we'll hope it stays colder up there! I figure Thursday is early enough to not run into the holiday crowds but be able to take advantage of the good conditions.
The pics look good so hopefully the added snow from today (it's snowing here in NJ) and Wed-Thursday could make for a good day.