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Looking to compare skis, recommendations, please.


New member
Mar 2, 2005
East Hampton, CT
Hey all,
I'm just getting back into skiing this year after a 20 year hiatus. (Long story) Anyhoo, I've taken some lessons and have been shaking off the rust, getting used to the newer shaped skis. I've been demoing them lately, and am looking to try to buy a pair while the prices are still good. I'm almost 34, 5'7" 170lbs. I would consider myself a fairly confident intermediate skiier, but the family is just getting started. The Boss is a beginner, and the 4 year old Boss is just starting to get on the bunny slope, so most of the skiing I'll be doing will be with them on the greens and blues. On the off-chance I get some "me" time, I will do most any piste terrain, just not much on the moguls.
After this long-winded preamble, the bottom line is that I'm looking for a ski that is agressive enough to handle most terrain, yet still perform well on the easy stuff. Also, since I'm still shaking off the rust, I don't want an overly aggressive ski.
So far, I've used Atomic SX-9s 165 and Dynastar 4800 172s. I loved the Atomics, and the Dynastars were nice as it was a solo day, but I could tell they wouldn't work well when out with the Fam.
Some recommendations I've received have been Atomic C-9s, Volkl 4 Stars, and whatever is comparable to those in Head's line.
As a side note, I liked the price tags on the Blizzards, anything on those? Any other ski you can recommend aside from whats been mentioned?
Any help is appreciated, Thanks!


Active member
Feb 17, 2004
Bangor and the state's woodlands
Head's Monster iM75 has to be one of their most versatile skis...their iM70 too.

$.01 of others to try:
Fischer's Rx8/9(longer radius turn)
Elan S12 Fusion and M666(NewEngland mid-fat)