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Marshall From ADK Loj

Mike P.

Jul 1, 2001
Date(s) Hiked: 07/27/2008

Trails(s) Hiked: Van Hovenberg to Marcy Dam, Avalanche Pass to Lake Colden, trail 121 & the herd path up Herbert Brook

Total Distance: approx 15.8 miles

Difficulty: moderate, some easy, some fairly easy route finding, some uneven trail through Avalanche Pass

Conditions: wet & muddy

Special Required Equipment: feet that love water & mud, teh upper section of the herd path was brook-like.

Trip Report: on my way to the Loj Saturday Night, my car overheated & I learned the radiator had a hole, so I had all day to complete this hike, the trip through Avalanche Pass & along Avalanche Lake may be the 2nd most spectacular lake area in the East after Baxter State Park's Chimney Pond. Herbert Brook when full of water was like a post card, Green moss covered rocks cascades & falls, & quiet pools. Being full of water meant that the higher section was full of mud & water.

The short spur beyond the actual summit leads to a really nice view of Marcy, Redfield & a lot of wilderness. While the summit may not have a lot of views, the spur beyond, the brook & lake views made it well worthwhile.