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Saddleback Maine Dec 29, 2013


Jan 10, 2007
Southern Coastal Maine
Date(s) Skied: December 29, 2013

Resort or Ski Area: Saddleback Maine

Conditions: PP to LG / FG

Trip Report:
Pretty much a repeat of Dec 27. Lots of fun especially finding the side stash on the edge of the trails. They got the upper quad spinning with turns on tri-color. Was nice to lap the quad and the upper sections of Ghost, Weaver and Coachman to avoid the Rangeley chair some. Decent crowd but not overwhelming. Trails got scraped off a bit mid-day but the sides were fun.

Snow report indicateds Saddleback got 3" out of this snow event. Looks like Sunday River / Mt. Abram / Shawnee Peak got the jackpot for Maine. Some VT resorts looks like they made out well too.

Have fun wherever you are this holiday week. Happy New Year!

Trip report and GoPro video here: