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Spyder at Costco


Staff member
Jun 4, 2004
NEK by Birth
Over the years Costco has been increasingly adding more winter gear to their stores. They have SPY Goggles and MIPS certified helmets, $40 boot dryers, HEAD gloves and items, and Spyder sweaters.

This year Costco has Spyder base layer tops (zip and regular top), sweaters (quarter and full zip), a down jacket option, basic ski pants, and at least one fleece hoody. The prices are crazy--the base layers are $15-20 each, sweaters as low as $30 but no more than $55, gloves, kid's jackets, and the ski pants are $65. Some of these I think are made only for Costco.

Some of the goodies....although they are going fast: https://www.costco.com/CatalogSearch?dept=All&keyword=spyder

As a result of the Spyder items at Costco, I've gotten some other items from Spyder directly, but the prices are not as good as the (few) items that make their way to Costco.

Check it out.