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The "Sugarbush Thread"


Nov 25, 2017
@WinS what was the thought process behind opening/closing Castlerock back in ye olden days when you ran the hill? Snow depth is the natural answer...any other factors?
Staffing is a challenge this reason for a couple of reason. Last year we had 120 J’1’s and nearly 50% were devoted to lifts. Covid eliminated that option. Fortunately a lot of college students have taken gap years or have extended vacation. Also COVID protocols require any one who had been in close contact with someone testing positive has to quarantine. If someone has the sniffles or a fever, they have to quarantine and get tested. I believe there will be adequate staffing to run both CR and SB this Saturday. But, each day is different staffing can be impacted. The SB roads have been groomed out so access to the towers for the lift mechanics is good.

When snowmaking is done which should be soon, hopefully a number of the Snowmakers will move over to lifts as in the past. This will heLP because a number of the students will be returning to college at the end of January. They are still hiring if you know of anyone wanting work.


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Jan 13, 2013
I took one for the team this morning and hiked over to castlerock. ‘Nothing to see there. Avoid it if you can. There definitely isn’t untouched blower powder all over.

Totally agree...hiked it at 2:00 today...what a waste of time. The skiing at SB just really sucks overall right now...;)

They've nickeled and dimed their way to at least another foot since the weekend. 2" fell today on top of 2" the night before and 4" the day before that. If you do find some untouched it's getting stupid deep. I passed through pockets up in Paradise woods that were easily 18"-24"+. It's great now...just give us one more 1-2 footer and we'll be sitting REALLY pretty!