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Waterville Valley 12/24/2013


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Nov 7, 2012
CS, Colorado
Waterville Valley

Conditions: Machine Groomed on Frozen Hard Pack

Trip Report:

Our original plan was to ski Sunday River, but at the last minute decided to ski Waterville Valley to take advantage of the $7 Patriots Day! We figured that the conditions were not going to be that great but nonetheless we had to go for it! Much to our surprise they did a fantastic day getting the trails ready!

Not being sure how conditions would be we started out our day on Valley Run off Quadzilla! It was fast but very carve-able! In fact, we were flying down that trail and were excited to head to the top! We then decided to lap White Peak Express a few times and headed down Tippeconoe, And Tyler two, down to Lower Periphery as well as Oblivion to Valley Run! They were all in pretty good shape even though there were death cookies in a few spots as well as ice patches. Nothing to really worry about though! After that we ate and had some adult beverages!

For the afternoon, we continued to lap White Peak Express on the same trails with the exception of a couple of runs on Bobby's Run over to Sel's Choice, Utter Abandon and the second time on Tommy's World Cup Run. These trails skied really well which I was not expecting. We did take a ride tot he summit for one run but that section though not that bad was not worth doing.

All in all, the conditions were fast, fun and furious! Kudos to their grooming and snow making teams!

Off to Sunday River on Christmas!

View from the top!


Blizzard on The Chute - Blowing snow towards the chairs - love it!