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Where to ski tomorrow?


New member
Feb 17, 2004
Bangor and the state's woodlands
As a Massachusetts flat-lander and a teacher, I have to take advantage of snow days! Assuming my town pulls the trigger on a snow day......where would you go?

I have a few bogos to Waterville or I can go wherever. Anyone get to Waterville this weekend? How was it?

There hasn't been as much moisture to freeze of late..in Maine.
Might want to think about shooting over to Sunday Bigger(River)...but if you're not totally against an IN & OUT(of the lodge) type of weekend....I seriously doubt there will be lines at the Loaf...although there are often many diehards who think alike...
Some terrific skiing women(native Mainiacs + MA instructors) & guys down at Sunday River...however they often leave the scene for Sugarloaf.
> Might be time for a new to me F150

Ditto on the glad you're okay...condolences to your truck's health.
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