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    I've never been a big planner. Most of my trips are planned the night before I leave. A few of them I jumped into the car and decided on the drive up where I wanted to go, steering wheel in one hand, map in the other! Although I will probably be doing a bushwack of Owls Head and then some other mountains after that. I also want to see if I can do the whole Pemi loop in a day.

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    Summah Time

    Mostly I just want to get mysefl and my sons out into the mountains.

    I have been trying to complete the Maine and NH portions of the AT. I've got a lot of NH, and all but 25 miles or so of the Maine AT. Part of the challenge will be luring my kids away from the temptations of city life. My 15 y/o has done about 300 miles of the AT with me.

    The precise goals aren't that important. If I can get one long 10 - 15 day trek and 1/2 dozen weekends out before September comes, I'll be satisfied.

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    Plans for May through ...

    Planning I can do, getting there is hard. Hoping to get in a solo of Owl's Head, a trip over Bonds & Zealand with friends & spotting cars, maybe an overnight in High Peaks for early summer right after Solstice. In July a sunset trip up Bear or Everett & one up Monadnock. One day in Summer I'll do a Traverse of Franconia Ridge (maybe solo) & an early fall trip to Wildcats.

    I'll also put some time in on Airline Trail in Colchester, Hebron area.

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    This is a bump of the first AZ post ... ever.... at least as far as I can tell.
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    well' lets get it going again. i'd like to go back to the north maine woods again, saw my first moose out there. he stepped right out in front of my jeep and stared at me for a few seconds, prob 20' away.

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    I'll definitely be out hiking this summer. I've actually done more hiking than skiing this winter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    [Originally posted by Jack]

    What is everyone's plans for the summer hiking season? Where do you plan to go?

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    Happy 70 may you have another 30 year's plus of great times skiing your but off Warp!!!

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    Ground control to Major Scotty.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyzee View Post
    Ground control to Major Scotty.....
    My phone messed this one up. I wish but I broke up with Mary Jane the the end of March.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotty View Post
    My phone messed this one up. I wish but I broke up with Mary Jane the the end of March.
    Dude, what's the matter? Looking for work?

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