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    Today is surprisingly good. Guns are running on all their open terrain. There is just enough fresh natural to make a big difference. Secondary surface is scary grey ice where it shows through.

    They are making no effort at expansion due to the forecast. The game plan is to try to bury their existing terrain to protect against next week.

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    I like their plan , at least the skiing is as good if not better than anywhere in NE.

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    Was the 5" they claimed today legit? Not that it matters as it will all melt this week.

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    Was there today. It might have been legit, but even if it was, the wind was very strong in the morning, making it deeper in some places and nonexistent in others. I personally didn't notice it.

    But today the conditions were better than Saturday I thought. Snow guns were blowing on the whole length of lynx making for some fun man made pow bumps later in the day. All in all, a good day

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    Any natural was totally wind scoured. My first run of the day sucked and I nearly quit second was much better. Upper Lynx was not great. Upper Polecat was fantastic. I learned by the second run that in Lynx the key was to always hug the side with the snow guns. The gun side is the fun side! The center and opposite side were scary boilerplate ice. As long as you skied gun side it was soft and great fun.

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    Similar experience at Cannon today. Only issue was goggles getting glazed.

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    Wildcat is surviving the blow torch fairly well. The rivers running down the mountain are loud though.

    All and all decent coverage that should last fine through the weekend.
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    They will be fine unless there is a sudden change in weather forecast for more heat. I skied there for three days. Was going to go again, but ended up hiking up to Tuckerman instead.... We need some cold air bad

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    Changed the thread title to seasonal. Kind of seems like the core group of Cat skiers and others are just keeping a running discussion.

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    How's the crowd today? Looks empty on the webcam.

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