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    Quote Originally Posted by 2knees View Post
    ohhh and i just wanted to add that Austin took one hell of a wipeout. 2 perfect 10's but the russian judge gives you an 8.
    That was by far the most frightening event of the day. All I know is I stop on Minya about 30' away from 2knees and look uphill. Here comes Austin at ludicrous speed, launching off a bump, somehow orientating himself parallel to the snow and spinning his 8 foot long body several times in this position down the trail between Pat and me. Amazing those skis stayed on...

    Quote Originally Posted by 2knees View Post
    lol yeah that was a beauty too but by now, havent you come to expect that out of me?
    Classic 2knees faceplant. Not quite lawn dart quality, but close.

    Super day. Started with Brian and Grassi skiing off F lift. Eventually met up with Hawkshot and trtaylor. We eventually made our way to Wayout and bumped into downhill04 on the West Side. After the 5 fingers meet and greet, we all loaded F lift. Jim encouraged us to split up and for some reason we all ended up on Wayout again.

    It starts to get hazy at this point, but I bounced around between a few groups, eventually hooking up with 2knees, powhunter, jonnypoach and andyzee. I think this was around the time I lost downhill04. Anyway, Jonny is pure entertainment. andyzee did a good job keeping up with the bump nuts. Eventually hooked up with wa-loaf, reefer/Chris and co. Took a break for lunch and saw dmc at the base. Another interesting moment was when Austin, Marc and crew arrive. Just as I was about to introduce them to dmc, here comes koreshot who plows right into Marc in true gaper-like fashion. These two do indeed have a special connection.

    After lunch, 2knees, jonny, powhunter and I hooked up with dmc for several runs on Minya. Good to get some lift and slide time with ya D. It seems we normally get separated. Eventually hooked up with several others included ta&idaho, JimG. and the Evils. ssudha17 had that big grin on that later run down Hellgate which confirms to me he's hooked. Finished off with a few more runs with Grassi and Brian, and then ta&idaho and JimG down Cliff and Ike, Ike was so nice still that Jim convinced me to do it again with him and ta&idaho.

    I skied hard today starting at 8:45, choking down a 30 minute lunch, and finishing up at 3:45. Kind of glad for F Lift or I would have been out of gas by 2 pm. I was wobbly most of the afternoon, but never felt totally spent. Awesome hard charging day with a massive 30+ strong AZ crew. I tried to put in some time with as many folks as possible. Sorry if I missed skiing with any of you.

    Anyway, I think everyone from the roll call thread made it out:

    1. 2knees
    2. Andyzee
    3. Awf170
    4. bvibert
    5. chris (w/reefer)
    6. Eski
    7. Grassi21
    8. Greg
    9. HAWKSHOT99 (maybe)
    10. JimG.
    11. jonnypoach
    12. Justin (w/Marc)
    13. KingSlug
    14. koreshot
    15. KrisSkis (aka SisterSlug)
    16. Marc
    17. Mark (w/Marc)
    18. MR.Evil
    19. MRGisevil
    20. peter (w/reefer)
    21. powhunter
    22. reefer
    23. ssudha17
    24. trtaylor
    25. wa-loaf
    26. James
    27. Cheez Blintz
    28. Llamborghinii
    29. 180 and family
    30. Ta&Idaho

    Including dmc and jamesdeluxe, and perhaps a few others. Again, I hope the Mass long distance travelers had fun and now have a bit of appreciation for much discussed Hunter Mountain. Funky little hill but always a ton of fun.

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    Awesome day! Must sleep now. More later... Video in a day or two. I did get one of 180's boys on video, but I'm not sure which one. I think it was Shea (sp?)

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    That was a big group of skiers!

    Skied with a few smaller groups, some folks I didn't even know showed up until I read this.

    Really a great day...charged around up until the very end.

    Spent after these past 2 days. Heading up tomorrow afternoon to beat the storm for Sunday morning.

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    It was good seeing everyone out today. I didn't get to spend too much time skiing with the larger group... spent most of the day practicing my bump skiing.

    Sounds like I missed a good wipeout from Austin. I guess its a matter of time.. that kid skis too fast and out of control. He should really think about slowing it down a bit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by koreshot View Post
    that kid skis too fast and out of control. He should really think about slowing it down a bit...
    There's this old saying about a pot and black kettle...or something like that...

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    Ta&idaho did you find your helmet?

    Reefer, thanks for driving! You guys were a blast, we'll have to see if we can get a Magic or MRG trip in later on.
    Whatever hits the fan will not be distributed evenly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wa-loaf View Post
    ... but discovered Drop In that had really great snow and wasn't scratched off in the afternoon.

    Loong trip home, didn't get in until 8:30!
    Drop In was last run of the day for me and I was surprised to see it had not been skied much during the day.

    Long trip home for me, too. Friday night traffic in NJ sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyzee View Post
    Ah, you're wipeout wasn't too shabby either Can you say face plant?

    But, the queen of wipeouts was Krisski, girl, you better get that vid up online!
    OMG!!! I am spent!! Took Slug and I 2 1/2 hours to get up there....4 to get home...traffic on long island and in westchester sucks. I have to say, i met a great group of people today. I had a blast skiing with everyone. Have to say thanks to Grassi, Brian and Waloaf for letting me hang out with y'all after Slug dumped me. I knew there was no way i was keeping up with that group for the day. Oh and Suddah too!! You are all a great group of guys. Was nice to put some faces to the names i see on here. for my funny as hell should have been was a classic. I just hooked up the video on the big ass 62" TV for the family to see...the laughs i got here were even better than on the mountain. Kids...ya gotta love ' son damn near fell off the chairlaughing and saying he wishes he was there just to see that fall. I am still getting snow out of my clothes!! As for putting that video up...hmmm...not i really want to relive it over and over again?!?! Maybe....but i probably will. As soon as i get it online i will let y'all know.

    Again....great meeting all of you...hope to see you all again soon.
    I need SNOW!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    I hooked up with dmc for several runs on Minya. Good to get some lift and slide time with ya D. It seems we normally get separated.

    It was a good day... My legs are hurtin...
    "Sometimes the rock n roll life is not all rainbows & fairy dust..." - Fake Jerry

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