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Guess the ski area


Feb 7, 2009
Right again, how the f do you do that?

Also, props to the Northstar and Homewood guesses.

I know a lot of lifts and spend way too much time on liftblog. The not in Colorado clue made this much easier. I have good memory of which mountains have which manufacturer of lifts. This is clearly a doppelmayr hsq with some glade like terrain under it making it look like CO, or CA. Utah doesn't have many doppelmayr hsq so I thought about which areas in Cali have doppelmayr hsq that do not go above treeline, and northstar had already guessed. My first thought was actually Heavenly, but looking at the photos on liftblog did not find any matches, my next thought was Sierra, and the photos on liftblog seemed to match.