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i got bored and booked a 2 week ski trip


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Mar 1, 2013
yea, its far from revelstoke but my route is banff > kicking horse > revelstoke > panorama > calgary. adding this after panorama isn't so bad.


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Sep 1, 2012
Wash DC area
Just did this in January on a similar trip you have planned. Other than being in the complete opposite direction of the Banff to Revelstoke route and in the middle of nowhere, it’s got some sweet terrain. Steep and generally gets more snow than the Banff areas. The terrain off the summit is really good, especially the chutes around the backside. Lower mountain shouldn’t be overlooked either. Easily my favorite place I’ve gone to on the Indy pass.

Lower Mtn
View attachment 57332
Summit lift
View attachment 57336
lookers right on summit lift
View attachment 57333
Looking down Lone Star on back chutes
View attachment 57335
About halfway down Lone Star
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Back chutes from the Huckleberry area. All of that is in play
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I find it fascinating and fun that folks on this site will randomly post great pics from all sorts of mountains when some other post/thread triggers them. I'm guilty of it too at times. It would be nice if this site had a way to categorize resorts and get these pics connected to resorts; sort of a resorts photo library with date of photos and name of poster. I'm asking for the moon:)
Oct 13, 2020
I stopped at Panorama on my way up to Lake Louise/Sunshine Village and then again back on my way to Fernie. As nearly every skiier you mention Panorama to in CA will tell you, it's great for groomers and views...but that's about it. Both my accomodations were nice/affordable (Copper Point in Invermere then a condo at the base) but it's a solid 25 minutes from town so if you're staying on the mountain and want to get food from town it's pretty annoying. I wanted to visit since it was new to Ikon and I've passed through Invermere on my way up to Banff a few times in the past, but in the future I'll probably just spend a few more days in Fernie. Castle is well worth a visit though.