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Sunapee 12/31/15


Jan 26, 2013
Medford MA & Grantham NH
I am starting to feel like a Sunapee pass holder. I have been out four times this season and all to Sunapee. With so little being open anywhere though it is hard to justify going further away on a busy holiday weekend. As a bonus they are offering a 50% off voucher effective 1/4/16 through close if you buy a ticket this week. They also are not charging their regular holiday rates given the limited terrain which I appreciated.

Today they opened the Wingdings and the Sunbowl lift on the back side as well as Chipmunk on the front doubling their terrain. It is still only 10 open trails but I give them credit for the effort. In the past two weeks they have done a lot and snow conditions were very good. Visibility was not great most of the morning but temperatures were comfortable with no wind. I skied 8 - noon and the trails were crowded at times but the two quad lines were not unless your timing was bad and hit them when the ski team or lessons were trying to load.

I expected worse given the weather and holidays but had a nice couple of hours. Still felt like skiing late season rather than early winter but hopefully things are moving in the right direction.

View of Upper Wingding (entrance to Stovepipe on right)


Main quad at 11:30 am