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Tremblant Christmas week


Oct 28, 2008
Duxbury, MA

Does anyone have any first hand experience with Tremblant during Christmas week? We bought the Intrawest pass and this gives us 6 days up there. We always wanted to go and are thinking about heading up there after Christmas.

I fully expect crowds etc. But what's the snow coverage like for the mountain that time of the year? What's their snow making like - is it all on one side of the mountain or do they cover both north and south?

Warp Daddy

Active member
Jan 12, 2006
NNY St Lawrence River
Mike : Altho i have skied T for over 2 decades we avoid Xmas week because my extended family always comes here to ski that week. That said we are often there in early January here are my impressions :

No problems in a good early snow yr , but have been there several times in early January where conditions were lets say ok but not optimal.. In poor early season yrs i have not been overly impressed with their snowmaking .and ability to ratchet up the trail count quickly.

The popular greens and blues (ie their boulevards ) and a few blacks on both the Versant NORD and on Versant SUD will be open , busy and be prepared with sharp edges because they will scrape off with the skier volume that week . Windigo glades on the North side will not be open in poor conditions . The Versant Soleil side by the casino is often NOT open in early season due to conditions . they may have a trail or two open, The EDGE side ( glades ) will most likely be closed in a poor snow condition also

All bets are off if the conditions for early snow are good . but be advised that many of the more adventuresome stuff will be under wraps in marginal snow conditions . The place will have enough open to make it fun and if you have not been , it is the closest thing in North America to a continental skiing experience . food is awesome , village is interesting , the Quebecois ambiance is second to none and their are enough diversions to keep you busy .

Hopefully, someone who has been there during Christmas will chime in on this too.

Wishing you huge snow dumps in Dec !