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What will be different for 20/21 Ski Season?

Glade Monkey

Jan 15, 2011
Interesting announcement from Big Sky (similar to Jackson Hole one below)

"Capacity in the Lone Peak Tram may vary to balance uphill capacity with a safe and reasonable guest experience. A new boot pack route is being considered, beginning from the top of Dakota lift to the Yeti Traverse, providing additional access to Lone Peak terrain."
When we went there the Lone Peak tram was the only lift with any kind of line mid-week, and it was only 15 minutes because it only holds about 15 people.

Here is the JHMR update: "The Aerial Tram will operate but at a significantly reduced capacity on a first-come, first-served basis. For additional access to Rendezvous Bowl and the backcountry, we will introduce a boot pack from the top of the Sublette lift."