2117 of Sweden Knaggebo Ski Jacket

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2117 of Sweden Knaggebo Ski Jacket brings you the feeling of drinking a hot chocolate during a snowy winter. There was a time when Bob first went to Sweden and couldn't handle the cold weather. He saw the girl of his dreams, Nancy, but she thought he had a stuttering problem not realizing it was the cold weather that was impeding his speech. Bob bought this jacket and Nancy saw an instant transformation. She could feel the warmth of polyfill insulation inside the jacket and Bob was able to keep his hands warm inside his two pockets without gloves! When they went skiing, Nancy was impressed that Bob's jacket was not getting wet like hers and although it was his first time, the jacket made him look like a pro. Bob and Nancy lived happily ever after. So become Bob today and find your Nancy with the magic of Knaggebo jacket!

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