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Thread: Hunting?

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    Anyone go hunting? I went hunting, once, but with my Uncle who believed in hunting "Au naturale", so no whistles, scents, deerstands or anything of that such. So, needless to say, I only saw one deer, for a second and didn't catch any, even though I was in an area with a lot of droppings and bedding areas.

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    I was thinking about taking my hunter safety course this year. Not particularly because I want to hunt but because my boyfriend does and there are different rifles and such in the house that I have no idea how to use properly. Although, I wouldn't mind going out for a hunt when he does one time. I don't know if a)i'd be able to stay quiet for x amount of hours in the woods b)be able to walk x amount of miles in the woods and lastly c) actually be able to pull a trigger if i happened to have a deer/elk/whatever else is hunted in a good shot

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    Yup! Hunter here. I've been doing it with my father since I was 12 (28 now). We are able to hunt right out our back door, so that makes it even more fun as its woods that I spend time in year round (Dirtbikes). To me, its more family time than it is the "hunt to get something" because out of those 16 years, I've only got 1 deer! In Mass, I do all 3 seasons (Bow, Shotgun and Muzzleloader). Makes for a long Hunting Season, but its nice having the variety of the seasons.

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    Re: Hunting?

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    I'm not a hunter.

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    Hunted since I was 13.
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    Been hunting since I was 10. 52 now. Started out hunting with my father and older brother. My father gave it up a few years ago but my brother and I still hunt together every year.
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    Would like to, one of these years! Love to shoot just haven't taken it to the next level so to say.
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    Avid hunter. Mostly cougar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ski Stef View Post
    I don't know if a)i'd be able to stay quiet for x amount of hours
    You could practice on the couch during a football game ...

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