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Season Pass Options/Considerations


Apr 2, 2020
ABC, sorry about the confusion, but I was talking about last November December, right after the closing went thru, that peak pass holders switched to epic pass and got money back, not the 20 percent credit for the early closing, pleas accept my apologies for not making that clear, sorry about any confusion I may have caused.


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Mar 2, 2008
Lower Hudson Valley
Will I get that many (on Epic and overall) this year? Only time will tell. Will I get enough days on my Epic to take the per day cost down below what the walk up rate for those days would of been? I'd bet a bunch of $$ on that happening.
I don’t compare my pass cost to window price of the Vail resorts.

I don’t particularly like the Vail collections (weekend crowds). But I ski them because they’re “free” — I bought the pass for skiing out west. I only got something like 10 days in the northeast.

As I don’t see going out west being an option next year, the cost of the pass is to be compared with days at non-Vail mountains I typically skied, such as Plattekill, Gore, Magic etc. Their window price is considerably lower than Vail’s mega-resorts. The break even point is much different than what most of you guys are talking about.

If it weren’t for the 20% credit, I wouldn’t even be thinking about another year on the Epic pass. Though with the credit, I can get either a northeast pass or northeast midweek for under $500. So I’m going to get one or the other.

I’m primarily a weekend skier as I work regular job. But with the reservation thing, I may not get too many weekend days in. I can take vacation days to ski midweek, though that would only net me ~10 days or so. Main thing is, if I can’t get more than a few days of weekends, there’s no point in paying the extra for the northeast regular. I can get by on the midweek pass.
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