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When skiing returns


Active member
Oct 2, 2017

I have a few clients who work for the local PBS in Boston. Always complaining they don't get enough $$ and are on a shoe-string budget.

They've been saying the government has been cutting for years. . . .my response has always been it should be cut out completely.

Why not stand on what the public actually wants? Well, as you can imagine, these folks haven't heard of fre market ideals so they were a bit taken back.

Until I posed your point - 'lets see, the public $$ goes into a ( supposedly) objective, neutral news and entertainment broadcast. We made Jim Henson billions of dollars. . . . may he rest in peace. . .why shouldn't PBS grab a share of that recuuring income to fund the other thinghs that apparently don't have enough donors to support?'

They had a normal response ' yeaaaaah, why shouldn't PBS be self-sufficient with quality products like Sesame Street that PBS launched and made famous?'

As for the 'no advertising' crowd - every program is 'sponsored' by 'big _________ ' fill in the blank. There is little to no difference.

If the numbers aren't there to support the programs. . . . they should die on the vine.